Prish is currently studying towards a History degree and Certificate in Business. She has had the privilege of working in youth, family, and women’s shelters and has learned something from every resident and worker that she encountered. She hopes that this blog can similarly be used to highlight the voices of those facing abuse and the people working to support them. When she’s not busy doing schoolwork, Prish enjoys boxing, cooking yummy (And sometimes healthy) meals, and flipping through a memoir. She never ceases to be amazed by the strength of individual resiliency and truly believes that everyone has the ability to change their tomorrow.


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Daphna is currently completing her undergraduate degree studying psychology and sociology; within the program of Concurrent Education. She has had, and still has, several ongoing experiences working with youth in a wide variety of settings, and with individuals from several different walks of life. Through these experiences, her passion for educating others has only been growing and developing since she was young. In her free time, Daphna loves to read, catch up on her favourite television shows, and hang out with her loved ones! Not only is she excited to be able to be a part of such an important project that aligns with her values, but she loves the opportunity and equal access to information that it gives to each visitor of this blog.


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Dayna is in her fourth year at Queen’s University, studying Biology and Psychology. With her work and volunteer experiences over the years, she has come to appreciate that her passion for science merges with her strong desire to work with children and youth. She is dedicated to creating an understanding and promoting tools needed to provide individuals with optimal development to improve their quality of life. Dayna is a strong advocate for mental health awareness and hopes that this blog can give those who have suffered some relief where their voices can finally be heard and understood. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, spending time with friends and family, and most importantly, cuddling her dogs. Dayna is excited and grateful to be able to join Starts With Youth on this wonderful journey in making better tomorrows. 


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Sydney is a Queen’s student who is currently studying Chemistry. She has had a passion for working with youth for a while and has some experiences working with them. Sydney advocates strongly for mental health awareness and speaking on LGBTQ+ issues and awareness. When she’s not in school, Sydney works two jobs in the city of Kingston which exposes her to a wide variety of people in a variety of circumstances. She is excited for the opportunity to be a part of Starts With Youth to provide knowledge and resources to others on a subject that she believes in strongly.



Jasper is currently a fourth year biochemical engineering student at Queen’s University. Coming from a family with a strong focus on education, she understands the importance of education and the impact it can have on a person’s life. With this blog, she hopes to provide others with the opportunity to learn and grow, and hopefully give them the resources to improve others' lives. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, and spending time with loved ones. 



Josh is a student at Queen’s University studying Life Sciences and is passionate about working to positively impact society. Josh’s previous experiences have led him to volunteer for various organizations such as Bladder Cancer Canada, Mount Sinai Hospital and MobileODT, where he both led and assisted teams to provide support to those in need. Josh is excited to be involved in Starts with Youth as he believes it is a great platform to reach members of the community who are seeking out support. 



Natasha is currently obtaining a degree in Psychology and Sociology, with a Certificate in Law from Queen’s University. She has had a variety of experiences of working with youth along with their families throughout her life, which is where her passion of counselling and psychology began. Having been exposed to situations of intergenerational trauma and abuse, Natasha is grateful that she can be a part of an organization such as Starts With Youth to provide individuals with the knowledge and support they need to learn, develop, and grow to make tomorrow better than today.  

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