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Welcome to Starts with Youth’s teacher guide!


You may be wondering what this is all about. This page was created by two teacher candidates because we realized that there are SO many amazing resources out there with loads of information—so much so, that it can become overwhelming for teachers who are hoping to implement trauma-informed practices and understand the brain. Here, you will find a curated, easy-to-follow guide to becoming a trauma-informed teacher.

This page includes a quick crash course about understanding trauma at a psychological and physiological level, quick tips that any teacher can implement, FREE downloadable lesson plans, worksheets and classroom resources,  and Frequently Asked Questions.

The information here is applicable to all teachers, coaches, youth workers, etc., however, the resources were designed with school grades K-8 in mind. Of course, many resources can be adapted to use at any age.

Many thanks to Prish (Founder) who gave us the grace and space to create this page and to all the experts and teaching professionals that assisted us in the revision stages.


We are confident that this page can lead teacher candidates, current teachers, and even caregivers hoping to learn more about trauma, in the right direction. However, the page is by no means exhaustive.


The classroom can either progress healing or diminish it. A teacher has a large role in this. Trauma-informed teaching is "essential for some, good for all". We hope you take something substantial with you from this page, and are so excited to work together to raise awareness about trauma-sensitive teaching practices to be the best educators we can be.

Happy scrolling!

Daphna and Kami.      



Queen's Teacher Candidate

Starts With Youth's teacher guide is incredibly helpful to me as a Teacher Candidate! The guide is simple to navigate, user friendly, and offers great resources to support trauma-informed teaching. Whether you want to learn more about the psychology of trauma, supporting student healing or finding resources to create a safe and inclusive classroom, this accessible guide will definitely help you on your trauma-informed teaching journey. Thank you SWY for this wonderful addition to your site!" 


~ R.A

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